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Case Study Digitalegy: LaSalle Cancún

Service: Inbound Marketing & Web Design leading to growth

Company Size: Big

Segment: Education

Objectives: Optimize the admissions process and generate qualified leads to increase the number of admissions each school year.

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About LaSalle Cancun

LaSalle Cancún is dedicated to offering high-quality education with a humanistic touch of Christian values. Renowned for its innovative and inclusive approach, our educational model nurtures children and young individuals to grow holistically, paving the way for success in their future academic pursuits.

The staff at LaSalle Cancún exemplify teamwork and a strong sense of community. Additionally, the institution is known for its well-run administration, efficiency, and positive organizational culture.

Jessica Ostos

Admissions @LaSalle Cancún

"By partnering with Digitalegy, we transformed our admissions process, streamlining it for enhanced effectiveness in driving enrollments. Their expertise also fueled our lead generation efforts through innovative Inbound Marketing strategies."

The Problem

LaSalle Cancún was facing a significant challenge with low student retention rates. Their outdated processes, complex admission procedures, and lack of targeted marketing strategies were impacting enrollment numbers. Parents showed interest in the school but found the enrollment process overwhelming and confusing, resulting in missed opportunities and unmet student quotas.

To address these issues, LaSalle Cancún sought the expertise of Digitalegy, an Inbound Marketing agency specializing in the education sector, to enhance their online presence, refine recruitment strategies, and increase student retention rates.


The Solution

To kickstart our strategy, we crafted a detailed buyer persona to guide our efforts, and curated top-notch content (including Blogs, eBooks, and videos) to engage and inform both current and prospective parents.

For example:

The admissions process underwent digital transformation, streamlining the procedure and enhancing user-friendliness for parents and staff alike.

With improved website optimization, they have incorporated Landing Pages to digitally engage students and not just inform already enrolled parents.

They implemented tools such as RD Station as a marketing tool and integrated HubSpot to have a CRM, improve communication with their customers and have a better digital marketing automation.

We successfully implemented these strategies at Digitalegy, resulting in a significant growth of 97% in La Salle Cancun's enrollment.


The Results

By studying its market and strategic planning, the results exceeded LaSalle Cancun's expectations. Monthly visits to the website increased and the experience of parents when interacting with the institution improved.

Also, the school's digital admissions process achieved a greater recruitment of students, increasing school enrollment and exceeding the expected results.

The main results achieved were:

Website traffic:
Increase of 2,300 monthly visits
Lead Generation:
4,594 new quality prospects.
Increased admissions:

LaSalle Cancún has solidified its position as one of the leading private schools in Quintana Roo.

Through a commitment to innovation, this educational institution has integrated digital advancements, modernized its operations, and remains focused on delivering an outstanding experience for parents.


This is the first step towards a better growth