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Innova Schools Colombia



Web design leading to growth and content strategy.


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Create a top-performing website aimed at increasing conversions and improving organic visibility, supported by a thorough content strategy to drive enrollment during each school cycle.

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Tatiana Macaya


Commercial Director


"Thanks to Digitalegy, we successfully built a dynamic website that has significantly boosted our enrollment numbers organically."

About Innova Schools Colombia


Innova Schools Colombia is part of a global network of schools with locations in Mexico and Peru. With an innovative and adaptable educational approach, they have garnered recognition from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, and Business Insider.

The core focus of Innova Schools Colombia revolves around nurturing individuals who can coexist harmoniously, make decisions for the greater good, and uphold a sense of responsibility towards human and environmental sustainability. Their mission is to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate a dynamic world, tackle complex challenges, and effectively manage knowledge.

Through a pedagogical strategy grounded in socio-constructivism, life competencies, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, Innova Schools Colombia fosters a learning environment that encourages communication and collaboration among all members of the educational community.


The Challenge

Upon entering Colombia in 2020, Innova Schools faced a significant challenge amidst the pandemic - fully enrolling their new locations in Bogota. With no physical presence, the need for a digital process to meet their admissions targets arose.

Their initial strategy involved digital ad campaigns to generate interest, but the absence of a supporting website hindered their innovative educational offerings. To enhance visibility, conversion rates, and overall positioning, they turned to Digitalegy, a leading Inbound Marketing and Web Design agency in Latin America.



The initial step involved implementing HubSpot CMS as the primary Web Design tool for Innova, equipped with essential features for marketing automation and CRM to enhance visibility into the admissions process for prospective students interested in Innova Schools Colombia. Developing Buyer Personas and mapping out their Buyer's Journey provided valuable insights into the target audience's behavior on the website, guiding the conversion process effectively.

Employing a growth-driven approach to Web Design, a meticulously planned strategy was implemented to successfully launch the platform in just 4 weeks, setting the stage for ongoing enhancements. Every page of the site underwent optimization in technical and semantic aspects to boost visibility and enhance user experience. Furthermore, automation tools were integrated for streamlined information requests, complemented by a user-friendly calculator empowering parents to estimate their children's educational investment with ease.

In addition to these initiatives, a customized content strategy was implemented to captivate the target audience, strategically distributed across multiple platforms like social media and email campaigns for maximum engagement.

Examples include:


The expansion of Innova Schools into Colombia has had a significant impact. With each passing month, the website continues to attract more visitors. By utilizing calorie maps, we have gained valuable insights into user behavior and interactions, allowing us to enhance website growth and improve the overall user experience (UX). This strategic approach not only assists parents in calculating their investment but also encourages conversions towards securing admissions for their children.


The key accomplishments included:

Website traffic in 2021:

178,282 sessions

Lead generation:

9,609 new quality prospects

Leads to Enrollees ratio:


New students:


Innova Schools is revolutionizing the Colombian education scene with a cutting-edge and forward-thinking model designed for the modern era. Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping its educational approach, recruitment initiatives, and brand image.

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