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Case Study Digitalegy: Facturama

Service: Inbound Marketing

Company Size: Medium

Segment: B2B, B2C, Software as a Service

Objectives: Drive high-quality leads, streamline funnel conversions, and boost sales closures.

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Martín Arochi

COO @Facturama

"We initially had a marketing strategy in place, but after partnering with Digitalegy, we delved into the world of inbound marketing and witnessed remarkable growth. The professionalism and dedication of their team exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled with the significant impact they've had on our expansion."

About Facturama

Founded in 2012 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Facturama was established by three visionary entrepreneurs who recognized the need to revolutionize electronic invoicing with an intuitive, user-centric solution.

Facturama has been involved in esteemed acceleration programs like Startup Lab and 500 Startups. Renowned as Mexico's premier user-friendly invoicing platform and accounting service by Entrepreneur, Facturama continues to set the standard for intuitive and efficient solutions in the industry.

It provides a seamless invoicing experience with cutting-edge technology, exceptional service, and a one-of-a-kind journey. Currently, the company caters to over 16,500 clients across Mexico.


The Problem

Facturama faced the challenge of increasing their monthly new customer acquisition rate. Initially depending on Google ads for lead generation, they discovered that while it brought in some leads, it wasn't sufficient to reach their sales targets for growth. Their sporadic blog posts, aimed at updating existing customers on platform features, also fell short.

The main issue was that their current efforts were not generating the high-quality leads needed for conversion. Despite dedicating significant time and resources to traditional outbound methods, they were not meeting their sales goals.

In their search for a solution, Facturama came across a compelling publication by Digitalegy that introduced them to the Inbound method. Intrigued by its potential, they decided to give it a try and explore its full impact.


The Solution

Realizing the importance of boosting the quality of their leads, they embarked on a strategic transformation. This journey kicked off with creating a detailed Buyer Persona to ensure that each message hit the mark. By diving deep into the Buyer's Journey, they refined their content marketing and lead nurturing strategy.

By utilizing RD Station, a comprehensive digital marketing management and automation tool, they flawlessly executed their strategic vision.

Their content covered a range of formats, from engaging blog posts and informative infographics to practical checklists, interactive webinars, insightful eBooks, comprehensive guides, and captivating videos.

Some examples are:

The Results

After a year of collaboration between Facturama, Digitalegy, and RD Station, the culmination of time, resources, analysis, and implementation yielded remarkable outcomes.

Facturama gained deeper insights into their Buyer Persona and the decision-making process each customer goes through, leading to enhanced user experiences. Additionally, unexpected discoveries surfaced, such as uncovering previously unused functionalities within the platform's modules through the content created.


Key accomplishments include:

Website traffic in 2021:

Almost 40% increase in visits

Lead generation:

12,211 new quality prospects

Sales increase:

450% (from 228 to 889 monthly sales)

New customers:


Facturama is committed to dominating the market with their top-notch solution, putting a strong emphasis on improving visibility and performance. This allows them to provide valuable education on fiscal and accounting issues in Mexico. With over 6 years of unwavering dedication, they continuously strive towards their objectives, seeing the growth they aspire to achieve.


This is the first step towards a better growth