September 1, 2017
September 8, 2017

If you still don’t know where to focus your efforts in social media this year, it’s time to define it.

Generally we can expect the power of social media will continue to grow – as we’ve seen it happen during 2017, not only in terms of marketing, advertising and corporate communication, but in terms of social and political activity.

These are the 4 trends we expect to see in 2017:

The power of the giants will grow

Is not a secret that the giants of social media want us to spend more and more time on their channels, and they’re doing everything they can to achieve it. Now, marketers need to figure out how will this affect our strategy in 2017.

They will continue to develop different types of algorithms, bots and artificial intelligence to control the flow of information to the channels of FacebookGoogleLinkedIn and others, so for content creators spreading our content and ensuring that it reaches our audiences will be more important than ever.

Social Storytelling

Storytelling has been a key marketing component even before social media existed – but now the way brands tell their stories is changing.  An example of this trend is the new live story feature on Instagram – the one used by 100 million daily users. This new spontaneous and instant form will continue to affect how companies do storytelling on social networks during 2018.


We all know that the internet is full of false information and it’s necessary to evaluate the veracity of all the information obtained from the internet. During this year they have begun to talk about post-truth time as a consequence of Brexit as well as the presidential elections of the United States, among other events.

That’s why it is predicted that successful brands in social media this year will be the ones that achieve the genuine trust of their customers.

Sales in social media

Finally, increasing sales in social media will be a key factor for both the networks themselves and the companies that use them. Social platforms are improving their infrastructure to sell directly from them, and if this will make the consumer pleasant and simple, there is no reason not to buy in social media.

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Translated by: Karla Prandini

Essi Toroskainen
Essi Toroskainen
Content & Social Media Specialist | Inbound Certified

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