September 7, 2017
September 12, 2017

Do you need a different marketing to attract, convert, close more customers?

As entrepreneurs, we all have wondered what can we do to get more customers thru our website. We have already presented many options, or we’ve invested in the called digital marketing or social media, which even without knowing what that was, we invested to see if it worked.

Did it worked? If it worked, you sure want to know more about marketing and that’s very good. If it didn’t work, we’re at the perfect time for you to discover something new.

Well, with this fun blog I’m going to tell you about something called Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is based in a methodology with which we ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE and DELEIT  your potential and current customers from your website.

The Inbound Marketing methodology has had spectacular success all over the world, and what I’m going to do is tell you a success story so you can understand better this methodology. Let’s take a look at what a company has done with inbound marketing and how effective their strategies look when they are put into practice.

CFO On-Call  is a financial services consulting group. The company is formed by a proactive and intelligent team of directors and financial controllers as well as business advisors who assist business owners in Australia and New Zealand with 20 years of experience.

The management team at CFO On-Call understood that the company should improve its marketing strategy if it wanted to remain being successful, since traditional methods no longer worked as in the past.

The CFO On-Call marketing team at one time relied heavily on telemarketing and cold calling to generate sales leads. Over time, they saw a decline and no longer had enough sales opportunities to support their new customer or partner channels.

In the absence of a strong digital presence and authority in the search engines, their website and their blog articles didn’t yield enough in the generation of sales opportunities.

When they did it, they worked hard to educate their potential customers about the services they and their partners could offer. Fortunately, they understood the value of inbound marketing and began expanding their online presence, focused on generating more sales opportunities to support their revenue goals.

The marketing team started working on developing their potential buyers (buyer persona) and created a detailed and representative profile of their target audience: Daniel, the business owner (fictitious ideal client profile name).


Understanding the demographics, role, and problems of the company from its main customers, the team could create content, emails and offers specifically targeted to that audience.

After conducting research, this is the buyer they created:

  • He owns a company, he is usually 40 years old. He runs a small company that he created after finishing his career. He is married, has a pair of children and drives a regular car.
  • He has been in charge of his own company for about 3 years and is growing thanks to his energy and his industry and personal contacts.
  • Has secondary education, with professional or craft training.
  • He achieves what he proposes: he’s an individual with determination, natural leadership and entrepreneurial qualities.
  • His business ambitions are high and he can glimpse great growth opportunities in his market.
  • Cash flow can limit growth potential and lenders don’t provide the borrowing for growth.
  • His income can sometimes be a little fluctuating, due to the company’s cash flow: sometimes he must borrow money and this can cause him stress.
  • Sometimes he talks to his accountant, but feels that they are not in tune, since he doesn’t always understand what they’re talking about.
  • Sometimes Daniel also feels somewhat forced, because he has to be everything in the company; but enjoys being his own boss.


Imagine yourself as part of the CFO On-Call marketing team. Is it clearer to know whom you direct your marketing to and who you sell to? Do you have any idea of ​​some types of content you could create to help this buyer solve his problems and address challenges?

That’s the purpose of having the history of a buyer!

You can understand much more about your buyer and his mindset. The CFO On-Call team then worked to expand the offerings and content of their website by creating technical articles, e-books and blog posts with the following topics, among others, where they shared tips with small business owners who wanted to grow:

22 Warning signs of a company in distress.

9 Keys to doubling small business growth in 2017.

8 Ways to improve a company’s profits.




Do you think your buyer would be interested in these blog posts? Yes!!

In Daniel’s buyer story, his income was fluctuating, cash flow had been limiting the growth and he had high ambitions for his company. All of these blog posts spoke directly to the buyer developed by CFO On-Call.

As a result of adopting an Inbound-marketing strategy, CFO On-Call was able to increase web traffic by 200% over a period of 6 months.

Now they have the tools to easily capture more leads thru their website, and their sales opportunities have multiplied by 9.6. With the management and care of sales opportunities, they have increased sales opportunities or ready for sale by 153% and have a success rate of 1:3 compared to the closing rate of 1:20 prior to application of inbound marketing.

Looks like it worked! Now, in what part of this story have you positioned yourself: Daniel or CFO On-Call?

Currently marketing is developed  around people from people and is the main point to consider and digitally transform our company and way of thinking. The buyer currently has the power of decision and the product stays in the background with the company.

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Translated by: Karla Prandini

Rob de Digitalegia
Rob de Digitalegia
CEO & Founder Inbound Marketing Consultant

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